Naira Mushtaq

Visual Artist

 My practice is focused on history, memory and social commentary stemming from a desire to understand grief and memory and how memories are formed as affect.

What happens to the memories as time goes by; time plays a fundamental role in wearing down these memories of our experiences, they diverge, they mold, evolve or dissipate- such is the play of time. Our memories deceive us, pliable and ever evolving. We are left with fragments of truth, distorting records of our making.

My practice examines these questions by looking at the socio political and cultural context, while in most instances the backdrop of this comparison is my home country of Pakistan - the concerns under question are broader. Which memory is being remembered, who is it being remembered by, and the context of remembrance. How one memory merges with another, multiplicity and singularity of memory, what narratives we tell, what we choose to remember and what is the value of the narratives that we choose to remember if at all, drawing from these areas of interest and I examine memory as a form of impalpable archive while the tangible photograph or sourced materials aid to its inaccuracy, a palimpsest of truths and half-truths.


My work comments on more than loss and memory, it talks about exile and longing and the constant state of displacement. The fate of many resting in the hands and on the whim of those in power and the realization that dissent is always met with erasure