Naira Mushtaq

Visual Artist


by Awami Art Collective

Title: Resonance of a Metropolis

Duration: 4 minutes 30 seconds

Year: 2016

Edition: 1/7


Resonance of a Metropolis: The audio piece is about the diverse dynamics of a metropolis. The urban development had a huge influence on city’s heritage, cultural lifestyle, and people living there. The construction of bridges and roads are not only wrecked the beauty of the landscape but also it makes people to forget their festivals like Basant (Kite flying event in spring season). In this particular piece the audios of different existences were presented in order to understand the pace of the city. Starting from the minimal and early morning birds’ voices the metropolitan become noisier and people started to commute to their bread and butter earning places in a routine. The exertion, protests, artwork, education, food and music were interlinked to show the mixture of municipal activities.


This sound piece has been shown in an exhibition ‘Landscapes’ curated by Sara Mehmood at VM gallery Karachi in March 2016.